REWIRE Festival 2017

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Taking place in The Hague from 31 March to 2 April, Rewire is an annual festival for adventurous music. The festival presents an extensive programme with a focus on contemporary electronic music, neo-classical, new jazz, experimental pop, sound art and multidisciplinary collaborations. The programme comprises special concerts, multidisciplinary performances, screenings, talks and

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The program

– Slowdive
– Arca & Jesse Kanda
– Daniel Wohl + Slagwerk Den Haag + Matangi Quartet present Holographic
– Forest Swords
– Jessy Lanza
– Blanck Mass
– Lorenzo Senni
– Zs
– Tirzah
– Horse Lords
– Gábor Lázár
– Pete Harden & Ensemble Klang
– Cloud Becomes Your Hand
– Greg Fox
– Torus & Nikki Hock
– HOEK & Dieter Vandoren
– St. Cordell
– Trigger plays John Zorn’s Bagatelles

– Swans
– Daniel Lanois ‘Instrumental steel AV’
– Helena Hauff
– Jace Clayton presents Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner
– AGF & Kubra Khademi
– Peter Zinovieff & Lucy Railton
– Wolf Eyes
– Pharmakon
– Croatian Amor
– Moor Mother
– Aurora Halal
– Virginia Wing
– Waclaw Zimpel
– Carla dal Forno
– SØS Gunver Ryberg
– Kassel Jaeger
– Sex Swing
– Reckonwrong
– Kobe van Cauwenberghe
– Igor C Silva

– Jeff Mills & Tony Allen
– SUMS: Kangding Ray & Barry Burns (Mogwai)
– This Is Not This Heat
– These Hidden Hands
– Radian
– Jameszoo Quintet
– Sarathy Korwar
– Oliver Coates
– The Chi Factory
– Ryan Teague Ensemble
– DSR Lines

Rewire has confirmed performances[anchor link naar program] by some of the following artists for its 2017 festival: SØS
Gunver Ryberg, Oliver Coates, Kassel Jaeger, Greg Fox, Kobe van Cauwenberghe, HOEK &
Dieter Vandoren, DSR Lines, Igor C Silva, Torus & Nikki Hock and S.T. Cordell.

Prepping the release of their first album in over 20 years, British shoegaze legends
Slowdive head to Rewire 2017 for an exclusive Dutch performance. Originally formed in the
late 80s, Slowdive was heralded as the creator of a wondrous new music that blended the
atmospherics of Brian Eno with the noise of The Jesus and Mary Chain. Reuniting in their
original constellation, Slowdive treat Rewire 2017 to the celestial sounds of their iconic
albums, Souvlaki and Pygmalion, as well as recently released newcomer Star Roving and
more new material.

Blanck Mass is the solo project of British electronic musician and Fuck Buttons cofounder
Benjamin Jonathan Powers. Releasing his self-titled debut on Mogwai’s Rock
Action label in 2011, Blanck Mass sees Powers extend the sweeping emotional and physical
power of Fuck Buttons’ sound into hypnotic, electronic realms. On his third album World
Eater, to be released on 3 March, Blanck Mass turns in his first protest music; a thorough
rejection of the hate in the world right now that sheds new light on the importance of love.

New York-based artist and writer Jace Clayton presents the European premiere of the
Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner. Conceived for twin pianos, live electronics, and voice,
this exhilarating sonic exploration brings fresh insight to the artistic legacy of Julius
Eastman – the mercurial gay African American composer who mixed canny minimalist
innovation with head-on political provocation. The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner is built
around new arrangements of Evil Nigger (1979) and Gay Guerrilla (1980), two of Julius
Eastman’s most important piano compositions.

German poet, vocalist and new media artist AGF (Antye Greie) and Afghan performance
artist and activist Kubra Khademi present the world premiere of their new collaborative
performance. As AGF Greie examines speech and spoken word in the context of the darker
corners of electronic music, while Kubra Khademi explores her life as a refugee and a
woman by creating public performances that respond to male-dominated societies and
extreme patriarchal politics. Their Rewire 2017 premiere fuses Khademi’s politicallycharged
performance art with AGF’s distinctive sound art to produce a truly subconscious
work that deals with womenhood, white supremacy and intersectional feminism.

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