Bed and Breakfast Scheveningen

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Bed and breakfast Scheveningen

Are you looking for a bed and breakfast Scheveningen or a hostel, hotel, (group) accommodation or bed and breakfast in Scheveningen?

Jorplace is the first and only hostel in Scheveningen. When you walk into Jorplace you’ll be grabbed by the cosy atmosphere of  a bed and breakfast.

Currently Jorplace Bed and Breakfast Scheveningen counts 170 beds with many different types of rooms. It’s nearby the beach, supermarkets, and many cool boutique shops. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a cheap place to stay, a group accomodation or a private room, Jorplace has it all.

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NOTE: The ‘AMOUNT OF PEOPLE’ is labeled with the ‘AMOUNT OFF ROOMS’.

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You can always reach us using our contact page.

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