Rent Entire Hostel

“What happens at Jorplace..”

Rent Entire Hostel

Are you a large group and are looking for a place where you can spend the night?
Then you’ve come to the right place. Indeed, it is possible to rent the whole hostel at Jorplace!

Come along with your sport, business, bridal shower, wedding, friends, event, bowling club, or salsa dance group and we take care of the rest.

Jorplace has about 170 berths and equipped. Would you like catering, provide a BBQ or a big party? At Jorplace it all.


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What extra's would you like?

Let op: Groepen betalen (als groep) een borg die alleen per creditcard kan worden voldaan. De borg is afhankelijk van de grote van de groep. Daarnaast geldt de standaard borg van € 20,- per groepslid die alleen contant voldaan kan worden tijdens het inchecken. Lees hier de voorwaarden voor groepen.

Attention: For groups an additional deposit is required on top of the standard deposit of € 20,- per person. The standard deposit can only be payed in CASH. The group deposit can only be payed with creditcard. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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Good to know:


Book a delicious BBQ a € 13.50 per person and enjoy the convenience and flavor: 1 chicken leg, one burger, one bbq sausage, salad bar, unlimited fries and sauces!


Prices exclude a deposit which can in cash or by credit card. The amount depends on the size of the group.


Buffet breakfast for € 4.50 per person.


For groups we offer multiple 2,4,6, 7, 8, 10 & 17 double rooms you book the entire room or booking per bed.

Own drinks

It’s not allowed to bring your own drinks in the hostel.



Jorplace has a; ‘first comes, first served’ policy.