“Cruise down the Scheveningen boulevard..”

Unique experience

Renting a longboard is unique in the Netherlands. Jorplace is the first hostel in the Netherlands where this is one of the possibilities. Longboarding has become pretty popular worldwide during the last years, in Scheveningen it’s been popular for ages, here to stay! Not only for doing tricks, but longboarding is a relaxed way of transportation, a nice alternative to the bike or your two feet. It is fun and everyone between 5 and 75 years can learn it. It is much easier than it looks, so push your boundaries and give it a try!

Cruise on the boulevard

For the real feeling of relaxed longboarding experience, the completely redesigned boulevard of Scheveningen is perfect, wonderfully smooth! Enjoy the surfing sensation on the street and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the beautiful people.

Crossing the dunes

Roll up and down the dunes. The rolling dunes are perfect for a trip on the longboard.

City tour The Hague

Grab a longboard and go to the center of The Hague. Roll there on your own strength and have an instant workout or take the tram to the center and skate there from one attraction to another.

Workshop longboarding

Go under the guidance of an experienced longboarder of the Sick Board Shop team and learn the tricks of the trade. Cornering technique, breaking, all is covered in this workshop! Send an email to info@jorplace.nl and ask for the possibilities.


We have the best quality skateboards available on the market. In cooperation with the Hague-based shop Sick (http://www.sickboards.nl/) we have carefully selected our range. Sick has become known worldwide for its huge range and expertise.

It costs only € 10, – for 3 hours to rent one of these top quality boards.
We require a deposit: a valid ID or passport, and  € 50 cash.