House rools

“Stick to the rules, except on Friday nights .. : p”


  • Check-in is from 4pm till 10pm.
  • Wish to check-in after 10pm.? Book a late check-in for €7,50 (otherwise no entry!)
  • Check-out is from 8am till 11am.
  • Leaving before 8am? Let us know at check-in.
  • Checking out after 11am? Book a late check-out until 1pm.

    We ask a €20,- deposit in exact cash for the house rules and your electronic keycard:

  • Please make your bed before 10pm, so we know you are cool! Due to hygienic reason please use all 3 pieces of the provided bed linnen. If you choose not to do so, €10,- is taken from your deposit to clean the mattress, pillow & blanket. Own sleeping bags, pillows, blankets etc. are not allowed
  • JorCrew is allowed a room-check at any time.
  • Please make sure you bring down your used sheets and your keycard at the check-out.
  • If you loose the keycard, we are forced to keep €10, from your deposit.
  • Do not leave valuables in the room. We have large lockers where you can keep all your valuable belongings. Bring your own padlock and you can use the locker for free.
  • Inform JorCrew when a problem occurs, so we can try to solve the issue immediately and give us the chance to make sure our guests have the best stay possible!
  • Smoking is only permitted in the garden or on our terrace.
  • (Soft) Drug or weapons possession or use in Jorplace’s area and terras will lead to instant and permanent removal from the hostel.
  • Feel free to use the lounge, garden and kitchen area to eat and drink your own non-alcoholic groceries. Please keep all food & drinks out of your all other areas.
  • It is not allowed to consume your own alcohol at Jorplace. Come and join us @ the Jorfamous BAR if you’re craving for a beer : )
  • (Loud) sex? If you decide to be naughty, then at least be considerate and invite other dorm mates to join
  • Damaging or unnecessary triggering of the fire alarm system will cause an immediate €500 fine and in case the fire department does arrive it will cause a €800 fine.
  • Any other damages, stolen goods or abuse of Jorplace’s property, or intimidating, disturbing or abusing other guests or JorCrew during your stay will result in immediate departure & estimated damage fine equivalent to the repair or replacement.
  • We have „In-house emergency service” trained staff and we have enough escape routes. In case of fire, the collection place is across the street, next to the flower-shop.
  • If we are throwing a party you will be told at reception whilst being checked in so you are aware. If you are no party animal, we sell ear plugs for only €0,50. And if you know you snore, buy ear plugs for your friends ; )
  • Be friendly for the environment: save water & electricity whenever you can. Please keep glass, paper, plastic & waste separate, Jorplace loves recycling!
  • Jorplace always has the right to remove guests who do not respect our house rules.
  • Jorplace is not liable for any loss, damages or any physical complaints in any way shape or form.
  • Once you are checked-in no refund is possible under any circumstances.