Food & Drinks

“Buon appetito..”

Food & Drinks

What is more delicious then a nice and freshly cooked food? The super chefs of Jorplace Beach Hostel Scheveningen have thought on everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a hang over breakfast, a nice lunch, catering or the Jor-famous BBQ party’s. We have it all…


Price: 5,50 euro
Time: From 8:00 am until 11:30 am.

  • Different kinds of bread
  • Grilled ham and/or cheese sandwich
  • All kinds of delicious, savoury spreads
  • Sweet spreads for those with a sweet tooth
  • Milk and orange juice
  • Yoghurt and muesli
  • Tea


Price: Price on request

For a friendly price we make a special, delicious and fresh lunches for every customer. Let us know what you like, whether you have allergies and what your budget is. We will take your wishes into account and make you something delicious!

Tip: Are you in a hurry? You can also take our lunch package with you!


Durq’s pop-up

On a few evenings during the week you can enjoy a special meal prepared by our chef Durq: a talented cook and Scheveningen local. At Durq’s pop-up restaurant you will enjoy delicious and affordable food. Durq likes to experiment with the Arab kitchen and also serves his must-try specialty: mussels!

More information
Visit Durq’s website for more information and an overview of the prices.
You can find an overview of the pop-up restaurant’s opening hours here.

Famous Jorplace BBQ

Price: 13.50 euros.
The Famous Jorplace BBQ provides delicious food from the barbecue in summer spheres and is ideal for groups!

  • A hamburger
  • A chicken drumstick
  • A barbecue sausage
  • Unlimited french fries
  • Delicious salad bar
  • Different sauces

Vegetarian? No problem! For the same price as the regular you can enjoy a delicious, vegetarian version of the Famous Jorplace BBQ. Please ask the Jorplace staff for more information and possibilities.

Tip: book the Famous Jorplace BBQ directly with your overnight stay.


Do you want to have a little something in between meals? Order one of our delicious snacks for a friendly price!

Snack Price (Euros)
Bitterballen 5.00
Mixed fried appetisers 6.50