Business Event

"Let's talk business.."

Business Event with Overnight Stay

Combine the Q-meeting, the annual company outing, a creative session or the Business Plan presentation with an overnight stay at Jorplace. In addition to comfortable 6-bed rooms, we have:

  • 5 x 2-person rooms.
  • a projector and an LED display
  • different (sit) corners in the: lounge, garden and/or terrace
  • BBQ deluxe for only € 17,50- p.p.of Jorfamous a BBQ for € 13.50.
  • lunch & breakfast facilities from € 4.50 p.p.

All in all; an inspiring, relaxing setting

Jorplace Groepen Groepsreis BBQ Barbeque

What extra's would you like?

Let op: Groepen betalen (als groep) een borg die alleen per creditcard kan worden voldaan. De borg is afhankelijk van de grote van de groep. Daarnaast geldt de standaard borg van € 20,- per groepslid die alleen contant voldaan kan worden tijdens het inchecken. Lees hier de voorwaarden voor groepen.

Attention: For groups an additional deposit is required on top of the standard deposit of € 20,- per person. The standard deposit can only be payed in CASH. The group deposit can only be payed with creditcard. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

Good to know:


Book a delicious BBQ a € 13.50 per person and enjoy the convenience and flavor: 1 chicken leg, one burger, one bbq sausage, salad bar, unlimited fries and sauces!


Prices exclude a deposit which can in cash or by credit card. The amount depends on the size of the group.


Buffet breakfast for € 4.50 per person.


For groups we offer multiple 2,4,6, 7, 8, 10 & 17 double rooms you book the entire room or booking per bed.

Own drinks

It’s not allowed to bring your own drinks in the hostel.



Jorplace has a; ‘first comes, first served’ policy.